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The Robinson Curriculum includes these RC Phonics Flashcards in their curriculum (both on the CD's and online).

Recently these phonics cards have become available in ready made, durable cards. These cards are only $20 with free shipping in the US. This guide covers how to teach 50 basic phonograms to your student(s) with the phonics cards, or making your own.

This is a very simple and effective phonic approach but no program is perfect. This method should help you feel confident to go at your student's own pace and simple answer their questions. This is a joyful time! If you would like to see a video , watch the two below for more information and a tutorial.

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I created a new Facebook Page dedicated to all things RC. I am sharing videos from others who also use RC and other encouraging contact. Make sure you give it a like and follow on Here.

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This was a major labor of love! I went through and categorized all the videos on my channel and on the RC channel, to help you better search for something by categories.


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