Some parents wonder if all the independent study would hinder family bonding. I hear your concerns and I would like to share how we approach this at Our House.

Although everybody is independent when it comes to their course work, there are times of group learning aside from the academic day. We have a morning Bible time where we read the Bible together and a character development book. At the end of the day, we also have a family read-aloud time, where we read from our current book pick and The Book of Virtues. This is aside from the fact, of course, they play together all afternoon.

Although the kids know they are not supposed to ask me for help with Math, I allow them to help each other. This serves two purposes, one that spirit of teamwork, and second, I understand that you only truly know something when you can teach it. Anyone can be a teacher here at our house, even an 8 year old to her older brother. It's not about grade levels, it's about daily working on improving their skills and study habits, no matter where they currently are or how fast or slow the progress.

So no, I don't see self-centeredness with a self-taught methodology, I am curious to hear your thoughts or experience though. Please share in the comments!

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