If you are not familiar with the Robinson Curriculum, here is an important differential factor from other curriculums.

You will not find a science curriculum for elementary and middle school. Sure you will pick up a lot of scientific principles and concepts through the reading book list, however, there is not a separate curriculum for the subject. The reason for that is that this curriculum was put together by a Scientist and he knew that REAL science was not something that could be learned without the language of Mathematics. Simply put, for example, you can not do Physics without learning Calculus.

From RC Book - Thermodynamics

That means all Saxon math books up to Calculus, must be completed before actually completing the Science portion of the curriculum. Is it possible? What about being ready for the ACT and SAT?

That is what Dr. Fred Lybrand and I discuss in this week's podcast episode. This is a question I am sure, a lot of parents have, especially if they are jumping in at a later point and might have only been exposed to a more mediocre math program and/or poor study skills. However, It IS possible! It will require hard work and time.

Are you having math struggles? Next week's episode we will talk about how to overcome it and understanding each child's potential.

I often see parents struggling to find older editions of Saxon Math and corresponding answer keys, so I want to remind you of this great resource! Even though they are in Phoniex, they do ship. Call and ask them if they have what you are looking for, and don't forget to tell them, Karen, from Our House says hi!

And lastly, I highly recommend listening to this often, I know I do! In a world that is filled to the brim with homeschooling curriculums, this is a great reminder of why we keep it simple and use older literature.

Wondering how the Robinson kids did post-graduation? Check out the update here.

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