Hitty Her First Hundred Years

These are the best days of my life and I know it. Today was our final chapter of Hitty. A book written in 1929 and won the Newberry award in 1930. The story sets with a doll in the 1820s and documents all her travels and adventures in her first 100 years.

A couple of my favorite read aloud tips...

👍Always start by reading the title, author and illustrator every time.. it helps kids recognize the name of their favorite authors and illustrators are important too.

👍Start each session with a recap of what happened in the last chapter.

👍Often with the older books we run across RC vocab words so when I read one, I pause and ask who knows what it means and they get to tell the other kids. They get so excited when they recognize a vocab word. If you don’t use these words in your everyday vocabulary (I know I don’t) then the least we can do so it doesn’t seem like a foreign language, is to read aloud books that contain them.

❤️Goodbye Hitty thanks for the memories!

"Hitty is a doll of great charm and character. It is indeed a privilege to publish her memoirs, which, besides being full of the most thrilling adventures on land and sea, also reveal her delightful personality. One glance at her portrait will show that she is no ordinary doll. Hitty, or Mehitable as she was really named, was made in the early 1800s for Phoebe Preble, a little girl from Maine. Young Phoebe was very proud of her beautiful doll and took her everywhere, even on a long sailing trip in a whaler. This is the story of Hitty's years with Phoebe, and the many that follow in the life of a well-loved doll."

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