Lesson Learned

I realize I have made a mistake with homeschooling my first two. I’ll share with you what I regret and now changed moving forward.

I didn’t focus enough on spelling and writing in a more context form. Copywork and a worksheet after a reading lesson just wasn’t enough.

I finally learned that it takes more time but I sit and dictate sounds, and words during our phonics lesson. I make sure they say the sound as they write, write it and use cards to spell it.

I make sure they can spell all the McGuffey lesson words before they move on to the next lesson and am using the speller more. I make sure we practice with word families as often as possible.

It’s so fun to see the kids take the McGuffey books on their own and copy words with the RC flashcards, little glimpses of how they too will one day take responsibility for their own education and teach themselves. Once a child learns how to read, he can read to learn.

My guided plan for the RC flashcards covers reading, writing, dictation, practice games and more. You can find it in the bonus section of RC online or in my Etsy shop. It’s simple but effective!

Flashcards-RC website $20 with free shipping in US

Lesson Guide- $5 in Etsy Shop

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