LIVE TODAY! 3 Do's and Don'ts of Sustainable Homeschooling

Can you relate to the following? There is an overwhelming amount of choices and methods, women divided by the "type" of homeschooler they are, feeling anxious and lacking confidence. Do you know what's worst than academic insecurity? Letting these precious years with your children become the "mommy dearest" years. I'm sure you can picture in your head right now times when all of this applies. Well no more!

I have something exciting for you...

I'm going to be running a live workshop this morning all about the 3 DO'S AND DON'TS OF SUSTAINABLE HOMESCHOOLING.

(In a rush? CLICK HERE to sign up for the training before spots get filled!)

You spoke, and I listened...

After months of coaching with other parents, reading countless surveys on your biggest pain points of homeschooling, and making my own observations with our own homeschool experience...

I noticed that there are so many homeschooling parents who want children that excel academically, a day that runs smoothly and enjoying the journey along with the destination.

YET..struggle with the following:

-Their mental and or emotional state throughout the day

-An organization with Homeschooling and Home Life in General

-Lack of motivation from the parent and or kids

That's why it quickly became clear to me that I NEEDED to create a different type of resource from Our House that would help homeschooling parents get out of that burnout cycle, at the deepest level.

This is exactly why this Friday, I'll be hosting training all about the three mistakes you are making and three areas to focus on instead. 

Specifically, in this live training, you'll learn these three don'ts...

-Don't focus on goals

-Don't focus on motivation

-Don't teach

I know it sounds pretty radical for a homeschooling workshop, but trust me, you NEED to hear the 3 Do's for it all to make sense.

Most importantly, by attending this class, you're going to get the same step by step, a results-based system that I myself use and has helped me achieve amazing results from a smooth autopilot day, children who learn independently without constant reminders or nagging, but most importantly a system that allows me to be wife and mother and not wife/mother/stressed out teacher!  I have never shared this information in any of my courses or videos, but I realize now how no matter how much I explain the academic logistics if you can't internalize it because of limiting beliefs or focusing on the wrong things, it won't be as effective. 


ALSO, there will be 3 giveaways! Everyone who signs up will be entered to win.

-One Year FREE of RC Online

-RC Course for Littles Scholarship

-One Hour Free Caching Call with Me

I can't wait to see you there! 

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