Hello Friends!

I have been thinking a lot about it and how I can streamline things over at Our House.

I have decided to delete this Patreon account on the 31st before it renews again.

I will be taking a break from the monthly lives while I create a couple of new courses, and perhaps around the end of the month create a membership program on thinkific (same place where I host my courses). I am really excited about having everything in one place and since I am already paying for the upgrade plan there, I will be able to set something up nicer there for our monthly Q & A and more.

I am still having my monthly live Q & A for the Littles Course so if you bought that course, you can chat with me there this 31st at 2pm. You will be receiving an email with that link tomorrow.

Your unlisted link to my free printables will always work :)

I can't thank you enough for your support here! It truly means the world to me. It helped pay for my kids piano lessons when I couldn't afford it, it helped buy equipment that I needed to film, it funded start-up costs for RC for Littles, but by far more fueled me to keep going when I felt like I had nothing special to offer. Not because of the money, but because someone believed in me enough to come over here and show their support.

Ah! I am getting teary-eyed, and I never do that. Pull it together Karen, it's just a Patreon

But seriously THANK YOU!!!! You have impacted my journey more than you know.


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