The Robinson Curriculum is an independent, self-teaching approach to homeschooling with reading at the core. The curriculum provides a complete 12-year education where students learn how to think and solve for themselves and develop life-long study habits. Parents provide the foundation of phonics and mathematics, and the student transforms into their own teacher, enabling them to master and self-teach any subject. It is also one of the most affordable homeschool curriculums out there - $199 for everything.
Over 60,000 children and their parents have found success in this curriculum. It is a major benefit to larger homeschooling families and those who are afraid of overwhelmingly, complicated homeschool methods needing hours of  traditional hands-on teaching approach. Read more about a typical day of Robinson Curriculum in our house.
RC caters to all learning styles, particularly ‘read/write’ and ‘visual’ learners will thrive, those students who are more 'auditory' or 'hands-on learners' may need mild adaptions, but the core curriculum will benefit all homeschooling families. 
Learn more about Getting Starting here. Keep in mind even if we do not follow it exactly Dr. Robinson's curriculum can be a great resource and foundation. 
A Curriculum That Teaches Children To Think

a curriculum that teaches children to think



The Robinson Curriculum was a solution birthed in the aftermath of a family tragedy. The Robinsons - Arthur, Laurelee, and their 6 children, Zachary, Noah, Arynne, Joshua, Bethany, and Matthew - were a traditional homeschooling family when suddenly Laurelee passed away suddenly from an illness in less than 24 hours. Her class was left without a mother and teacher. 
In the wake of their mourning, Dr. Arthur Robinson was left with an incredible responsibility, but he had little time to teach the children in the conventional way his wife had planned. By the grace of God, they discovered a remarkable solution. Out of necessity, the Robinson Curriculum was created, allowing for self-instruction and powerful study habits that have not only impacted the Robinson children but children all over the world who implemented the same approach.
Learn more about The Robinson Family here.


If you fall in any or more than one of these bullets, the Robinson Curriculum should be on your list of consideration:
  • Time strapped - full time mom & dads
  • Budget conscious
  • Larger family
  • Working parents
  • Seeking to incorporate religious education
  • Zoned for a low-rated school
  • Searching for something complete (K-12)
  • Avoiding Homeschool burnout
  • Desiring higher quality literature
  • Interested in a Self-Teaching Curriculum 
There are 3 main reasons why parents choose to home school – 1) is to provide religious education or any other kind of education that clashes with the values of the public-school system; 2) for academic reasons, it is very well-known that homeschooling students outperformed public school students every year and finally 3) concerns over school environment – specifically safety including a lot of different parental concerns - violence, bullying, peer pressure, drugs, sexual activity, teen pregnancy and so on.
If you are a parent that is considering homeschooling for any or all of these reasons, then I invite you to explore my site more and visit my Youtube channel for more information on why I switched to homeschooling and how we implemented the Robinson Curriculum successfully in our home.
It is a great homeschooling curriculum where the children learn to teach themselves. So, if you're overwhelmed with the thought of teaching your child all these subjects at different levels every day, the Robinson Curriculum breaks it down to 2 hours of math, 1 hour of writing, 2 hours of reading, and work is done independently. As a parent, your job is to teach the younger children how to read and memorizing their math facts, getting them ready for their first math books. Also, if cost is a concern, the Robinson Curriculum is one of the most affordable home schooling options there is.
Learn more about implementing RC here.


While you can still purchase the CD' set, you can also now purchase an online version. The online version contains many more bonuses not on the original CD's. You can also upgrade to RC online, even if you are not an original user. For more information click HERE.
  • Course of Study- Explanation of how this self teaching method works, books, routine, and more. 
  • 49 SAT Style Examinations for books in the core order and suggested reading lists.
  • 20% Discount on Saxon Math. You will need to purchase your Saxon Math books, placement test available HERE. If you order them through the Robinson Curriculum order page, you will receive the discount.
  • Math Fact Flashcards- 705 double sided flashcards that you can print or conveniently order ready made versions HERE.
  • Books-157 Core Reading Books,6 Science Textbooks, 79 Supplemental Reading Books. For more information on printing books, click HERE.
  • Language Arts- materials ready to print
  • Reference Materials- 1611 King James Bible 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, 1913 Webster's Dictionary. 
Some of the bonuses included with RC online include:
  • How to Tutor Treasury
  • Alpha-Phonics- Primer and Manual
  • RC Phonics Flashcard Guide
  • Read, Write, Play Music
  • RC Book Covers
  • The Overnight Student
  • Record Keeping Forms
  • Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia Set
  • The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio
  • Ray's Arithmetic Complete Books
  • Science Monographs
  • And Much More!
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